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More than 60 years ago, Christine Schrammek provided the foundation for the original GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment which helps people with various skin problems to get a clean and even skin. Eight selected herbs containing enzymes, minerals, and vitamins are the basis of three natural problem-solving treatments. Varying amounts of the herbal plant mixtures allow the treatments to be adapted to individual skin conditions and personal treatment goals.

What does GREEN PEEL® do for your patients?

It helps with various skin problems, with the final objective of a clear and even skin. Varying amounts of the herbal plant mixture allow the GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment to be adapted to individual skin conditions and the client's personal treatment goals. GREEN PEEL® has tremendous success and helps patients solve their skincare problems with impressive results.

GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Classic

  • Regeneration and renewal
  • with peeling effect

During the herbal massage, the upper layers of the epidermis are removed, blood circulation, oxygen supply as well as metabolism are increased, and regeneration processes are stimulated. This reduces the usual time for skin renewal from 28 days to 5 days. A new, fresh skin appears after the peeling process. The final Beauty Finish treatment provides the particularly receptive skin with nourishing ingredients.

This method can be performed with:

  • Sun damaged skin & wrinkles (for anti-aging prophylaxis)
  • Sagging body skin (abdominal wall, upper arms, thighs)
  • Some types of hyperpigmentation
  • Impure skin, sebum cysts
  • Scars & stretch marks (Striae)
  • Skin prone to premature formation of wrinkles


  • The vitality and regeneration kick
  • without peeling effect

The Energy treatment stimulates blood circulation and metabolism of the cells. This leads to a natural improvement of the skin texture without any peeling effect. The skin appears more energetic and age-related skin signs are reduced. GREEN PEEL® Body Energy also offers a way to treat problem areas on almost the entire body.

This method can be performed with:

  • Wrinkles & anti-aging-prophylaxis
  • Impurities
  • Hyperpigmentation

As a body treatment GREEN PEEL® Body Energy can be performed with:

  • Stretch marks & cellulite
  • Keratosis pilaris
  • Loss of elasticity

GREEN PEEL® Fresh up

  • The freshness kick
  • without peeling effect

This gentle method without peeling effect refreshes the skin visibly. Blood circulation is stimulated, pores open and the skin is now able to optimally absorb the ingredients of the skin care. The skin complexion appears brighter, fresher, and relaxed.

This method can be performed with:

  • Tired appearing skin
  • First signs of skin aging
  • Pale complexion
  • Increased cornification